Staying Active with Mac

Hola, soy Mac. I’m here today to give you some tips on how you can stay active. After long hours of sitting still, kids need an excuse to get their bodies moving. Vamonos and get into these activities the whole family can do.

1.       During commercial breaks, you can run in place. Getting your heart moving while the ads are playing and take a break once your show comes back on.

2.       Wild out and dance to your favorite.

3.       Take a studying break and stretch your body for 10 minutes.

4.       Beg your parents to take you to the playground.

5.       In warmer weather, get your parents and go for a nice walk around the neighborhood.

6.       Extracurricular sports (school or recreational) are a great way for your kids to stay active and be apart of a community.

Staying active at least 30 minutes a day everyday is key to staying healthy. What do you do to stay active regularly? Hasta la vista!

Lauren Michelle