A Tasty Way to Hydrate



It’s hard for some of us to drink enough water everyday. Most of us are constantly on the go and sometimes we forget the water bottle. Other times people would rather grab a juice, soda or coffee for a quick sugar fix to get through the afternoon slump. But these have lots of sugars that decrease the benefits of hydration and make you sleepy or crave more once the burst of energy is gone.


Luckily, there’s more than one way to drink water. If you or someone you know avoids plain water because “it tastes like nothing,” then keep reading (and tasting). You’re in for a big, flavorful something.


We all know keeping our bodies hydrated is extremely important. We run on water like cars run on fuel. Half of our body weight is water and we use and lose the water in our bodies easily, doing anything from exercising to breathing. So to have enough water, experts advise drinking eight ounces of water every hour you’re awake. That means, in HMA’s language, you can try about 16 different delicious fruit infused waters in a day (if you’re getting 8 hours of sleep each night)!


When you’re looking to add some flavor to your water without compromising the health benefits of water, you should try fruit infused waters. Fruit infused waters are extremely easy to prepare. All you have to do is decide on what flavor profile(s) you want, buy the ingredients, and put everything in water! 


By adding fruit in your water you are increasing its nutrition, and the amount of fruit you get each day. Also, important nutrients such as iron and fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins from A-Z transfer from fruits into your naturally sweet, fruit infused water depending on what fruits you use.


These are just a few fruit infused waters you can try! Be creative, bold and juicy–make these and many more from whatever fruits you fancy! (Warning: You might never want soda again.) 


Strawberry + Orange + Mint 

Simply Vegan Blog

{Picture from Simply Vegan Blog}


  • 1 sliced orange 

  • 4-6 sliced strawberries 

  • mint leaves (desired amount)

  • 1 L (4 c) water 

Blueberry + Lemon + Basil

Christinas Adventures

{Picture From Brit & Co}

  • Blueberries 

  • Lemon 

  • Fresh Basil 

Watermelon + Basil 

Natasha's Kitchen

  • Watermelon 

  • Basil (Handful)

  • Lime Slices 

Healthy Choice


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Where can I buy Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce?

You can buy Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce at the Products page of our website or visit Where to Buy to find one of our many locations.

 My son/daughter has some food allergies, is Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce safe for him/her to eat?

Yes, Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce products are made free of the top eight common allergens, including milk, egg, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish.

Do you use chemicals to remove peels from your apples?

No, Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce does not use any chemicals to remove peels from our apples.  

 How long can I store Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce?

Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce can last up to 2 years unopened.

Opened applesauce will stay fresh if refrigerated for a recommended 30 days.

Is Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce pasteurized?

Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce is processed by heat before sealing to prevent spoilage.

Is Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce Kosher?

No, Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce is currently not Koser certified. However, we will be soon in the future.

Where is Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce made?

Our applesauce is handmade in small batches at The Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen in Cleveland OH, USA

What may cause mold to appear in damaged jars?

If a top becomes damaged and the product becomes overly exposed to air, it is possible for mold to develop because Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce is all-natural and preservative free.

What kind of mold could grow in preservative-free fruit?

The mold that might occur is a common food mold, similar to what can happen with fresh fruit that has been overly exposed to air.

What should I do if I think I see mold in my product?

If you think that you see mold in your applesauce, do not consume the product. Hang on to the jar, and call us at 216-618-5043 or email us at contact@holmesapplesauce.com so that we can help you.

Contact Us for any more questions/concerns.